January 25th: New AZMODAN song ready to download:




June 23th: new website layout online now

June 16th:"EVERBLASTING" is ready to conquer the realm of extreme metal music!

April 15th: Finally, a new Azmodan has been released. Click here, to listen to the first song of the new album "EVERBLASTING".

February 4th:  Lord Azmodan finished recording all instruments for "EVERBLASTING"! Demonical vocals will be recorded the next weeks. After that, one song will be downloadable for free. So check out recently! 


December 10th: preview of the new cover artwork is online. Check the start page.

November 5th: the new homepage version is online now!

November 4th: some news about the new album "everblasting": there will be 12 songs on the new album, consisting of LOTS of high speed black metal parts, unique symphonic arrangements and maybe the most brutal voices in black metal so far!

October 24th:  there is one song from the second album "of angels and demons" avaibile at! Check out the free music section!

October 8th:  the new official AZMODAN homepage is online now:

October 7th:  Lord Azmodan returns after 5 years of  intensive songwriting to release the new album called "everblasting".

August 20th:  AZMODAN now enters! Free songs coming soon".


August:  Due to a heavy tinnitus disease, Lord Azmodan decided to leave MY DARKEST HATE.


October:   In October 2000, MY DARKEST HATE recorded their debut album "Massive Brutality" at the "House of Music" Studio in Winterbach near Stuttgart. This excellent Death Metal masterpiece on highest musical skills was engineered and mixed by Achim Koehler (Primal Fear, Pungent Stench, Sacred Steel,...) and released in April 2001 on Vile Music (new sublabel of Iron Glory Records). The album got great reviews and numerous interviews and features in all important Metal magazines and fanzines.

October 5th:  Lord Azmodan is now playing in the new german death metal band called " MY DARKEST HATE " ! He is the vocalist and he is playing the bass.
There are also playing the two guitarists of " SACRED STEEL " and the drummer of " PRIMAL FEAR ".

April 5th:  Lord AZMODAN is back !!! Check out the new song called " Darklords " at

January 7th:   The first " MY DARKEST HATE" album will be called " MASSIVE BRUTALITY". It will be recorded somewhere in september 2000.


August 15th:   it took quite a lot time but the new AZMODAN homepage is now online!

May 8th:  there is one song from the new album on the ABLAZE-Sampler.

March 3rd:   The new AZMODAN T-Shirt "princess of blood" is out now! Check out the MERCHANDISE section.


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